EARL's Scenery Object List
[VIEW IMAGE] Camera Full Tile ~ 2 color paintable camera09.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] 35mm Film Roll
1/2 Tile ~ 1-color paintable filmroll.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] 35mm Film Roll
(Laying flat)
1/2 Tile ~ 1-color paintable filmrol2.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Film Reel
1/2 Tile filmreel.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Film Reel
(Laying flat)
Full Tile filmrel2.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Gravestone
Full Tile cof12mky.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Gravestone
1/4 Tile Tile cof13mky.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Beer Mug Full Tile
1-color paintable
[VIEW IMAGE] Generic Glass Ghost
(Partially transparent)
Full Tile
1-color paintable
[VIEW IMAGE] Easter Basket Full Tile estrbskt.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Easter Egg
(Laying Flat)
1/2 Tile estregg1.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Easter Egg
1/4 Tile estregg2.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Dragon Full Tile dragon01.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Dragon Full Tile
1-color paintable
[VIEW IMAGE] Goat 1/4 Tile AE-NGOAT.dat

Animated Scenery Object List
[VIEW IMAGE] Fireworks ~ Set of 3
(Different delays)
Full Tile
1-color paintable
[VIEW IMAGE] Hanged Guest
(Swings in the wind)
Full Tile
2-color paintable
[VIEW IMAGE] Octopus Set
(Head & Tentacle)
Full Tile OctoScenery.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Circling Shark Full Tile shark01.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Mirrored Disco Ball Full Tile discobal.dat
[VIEW IMAGE] Abominable Snowman (Yeti) Full Tile AE-YETI.dat

Special Scenery Tabs List
[VIEW IMAGE] Alice in Wonderland Group 19 Objects ae-aiwsg.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Haunted Mansion Group 28 Objects AE-HMSG.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Jungle Cruise Group 28 Objects AE-JCSG.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Pirates of the Caribbean Group 01
Tab not yet available
26 Objects AE-POTC01.zip

"SIM RIDE" Scenery List
(Note: These are NOT real rides...just animated scenery.  Your Guests can't actually ride these.)
[VIEW IMAGE] Super Slide
(Flat & Sloped segments)
2 Full Tile objects
2-color paintable
[VIEW IMAGE] The Bouncer
( Side Wall, Entrance Wall, Full Tile Pad & Bouncing Guest)
All 2-color paintable except Pad bouncer.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Chute Drop
( Upper and Lower segments)
Tower made from existing scenery
Full Tile objects
2-color paintable
[VIEW IMAGE] The Whipper
(Straight & Curved Sections)
Hedge & Railing made from existing scenery
Full Tile Objects
2-color paintable

Earl's REAL Ride List
(These are FULLY functional Rides.  Your Guests WILL ride these!)
[VIEW IMAGE] Alice in Wonderland Cars Tracked Cars
(Scenery included)
[VIEW IMAGE] Broomstick Coaster Coaster Cars
(Track file included)
[VIEW IMAGE] Bus Stop 1x4 Flat Ride AE-BUSST.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Cave Man Cars Tracked Ride AE-CMCAR.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Chaotic 4x4 Flat Ride AE-CHAOT.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Demolition Derby Dodgems 4x4 Flat Ride AE-DDERB.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Double Inversion 1x4 Flat Ride AE-CDINV.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Double Swinging Inverter 1x4 Flat Ride AE-DINVT.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Dream Woodie Coaster Coaster Trains
(Use existing tracks)
[VIEW IMAGE] Haunted Mansion Doombuggies Tracked Ride
(Scenery included)
[VIEW IMAGE] Ice Skating Rink 3x3 Flat Ride AE-ICESK.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Jungle Cruise Boats Tracked Water Ride AE-JUNGL.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Mad Hatter's Tea Cups 3x3 Flat Ride AE-MDHAT.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Matterhorn Bobsled Coaster Coaster Cars AE-MTRHN.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Motocross Tracked Ride
(Prog. by Buggy)
[VIEW IMAGE] "Peter Pan" Flying Ships Coaster Cars AE-PTRPN.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] "Pirates of the Caribbean" Boats Tracked Water Ride AE-PIRAT.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Rip Saw 1x5 Flat Ride AE-RIPSW.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Rounded-UP 4x4 Flat Ride AE-ROUND.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Runaway Reindeer Coaster Cars
(Track file included)
[VIEW IMAGE] Skateboards 3x3 Flat Ride AE-SKTBD.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Sky Diver 1x4 Flat Ride AE-SKYDV.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Space Mountain Coaster Coaster Cars AE-SPCMT.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Spinning Cups 3x3 Flat Ride AE-CUPS.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Splash Mountain Log Flume Tracked Water Ride AE-SPLMT.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Super Looper 1x4 Flat Ride AE-LOOP.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Swimming Pool User Defined AE-SWIM.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Swinger (Improved) 3x3 Flat Ride AE-SWING.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Swinger (Original) 3x3 Flat Ride
(Prog. by Buggy)
[VIEW IMAGE] Tannenbaum 3x3 Flat Ride AE-TBAUM.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Tilted Whirler 3x3 Flat Ride AE-WHIRL.zip
[VIEW IMAGE] Water Slide Tracked Ride AE-WSLID.zip