Who is this "Amazing EARL" Guy?

How do you make these scenery objects?
How do you make the REAL Rides?
What is a "Sim Ride?"
Do you have any rides/objects that aren't listed here?
Can you make me a (insert your dream object/ride here)?
Where can I find more custom objects for RCT2?
Is "EARL's World Park" available as a download?
Are you planning to make any more REAL Rides?
Can I link your Objects and Rides to my website?
Can I host copies of your Objects/Rides on my website for others to download, then?


Scenery Objects and REAL Rides are installed in exactly the same way.

1) Click on the link to download the file...or right-click and select "Save As."  REMEMBER THE LOCATION WHERE YOU SAVED THE FILE!  You'll need to find it later.

2)  Locate the file you downloaded.  It will be a .dat file or a .zip file.  If it is a .dat file, skip to step 4.

3)  WinZip is required to open .zip files.  It is a compression program that bundles files together and makes them smaller for download.  I believe it is pre-installed with Windows XP.  To get the latest version of this FREE program, visit THEIR WEBSITE.

Double-click on the .zip file you downloaded from this site and the WinZip window should appear.  Follow the on-screen instructions to "extract" the files.  If you're unfamiliar with WinZip, check the "Show Extracted Files" box when it asks.

4) You DO NOT need to double-click on the .dat files to install most likely won't do anything anyway except confuse your computer.  Copy, Cut-and-Paste or otherwise move the extracted .dat files to this folder on your computer:

-- or if you are playing the "Triple Thrill Pack" copy it into the folder --

c:\Program Files\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack\ObjData\

That's it!  You're done!

NOTE: The new Rides/scenery will NOT appear automatically in the game.  You need to include them in a new scenario.  Use the Scenario Editor (the little toolbox thingy in the game's main window) to create a scenario that includes the rides and scenery you want.  If you've never used the Scenario Editor, you may need to consult the documentation that came with your game.


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"Who is this "Amazing EARL" Guy?"

That's a good question.  Best thing to do is visit my main website.

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"How do you make these scenery objects"

I hardly ever use pre-made artwork.  Generally the project begins with me modeling a 3D object from scratch.  This allows me to rotate the object to create the necessary four views.  It also gives me control of the lighting and insures that the shadows are realistic.  I use "Amorphium 3" for 3D modeling.

After the snapshots are taken of the 3D model, I edit them using "CorelPhotoPAINT."  Any touching up of the images is easier to do a this point.  It also lets me easily chop the pictures into properly sized pieces for the next step.

Once I'm happy with the images, they're imported into Doctor J's wonderful "Object Editor" which creates the final .dat files for use in RollerCoaster Tycoon.  You can download the Editor at his website HERE.

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"How do you make the REAL Rides?"

The artwork is done using the same method I outlined above for making scenery...THEN it gets difficult to explain.  If you're THAT interested, check out the RideMaking Tutorials section of the website.

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"What is a 'Sim Ride?' "

They're animated scenery objects that only LOOK like a ride.  Some REAL Rides are not possible to create accurately due to the limits in RCT2.  The Sim Rides were made before we had the ability to create REAL Rides.

And no...your Park Guests will not be able to actually ride them.  They may comment on how pretty the scenery is, though.

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"Do you have any REAL Rides or objects that aren't listed here?"

Only those I've created for research...and those which are not complete yet.

DON'T ask me to email them to you.  They'll be posted when they're finished. 

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"Can you make me a (insert your dream ride or object here)?"

Can I?  Probably.  WILL I?  Probably not.  I have my own projects in the works, thank you.  Look around the web and see if what you want has already been created.  (If what you want is even POSSIBLE, chances are good that it has been made.)  A good place to start looking is at the RCT2 Objects DataBase at 

As a general rule, I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS.   I choose projects that interest me from an artistic or technical standpoint.  I tell you now...getting me to make something that doesn't interest me is probably a VERY long shot.  (And no, disguising your request as a "suggestion" won't get it made, either.)

Why not try making the object or ride yourself?  Who knows?  You may be even better than ME at this stuff.  You never know until you try...

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"Where can I find more custom objects for RCT?"

Visit the LINKS section .  There are a lot of resources out there.

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"Is 'EARL's World' Park available as a download? "

No...because it's not there.

Due to the constantly changing nature of this website (and the need to update it so often), what you see is actually pieced together from multiple screenshots taken during ride/scenery tests and assembled in a photo-editing program for the sake of convenience.

So, "EARL's World" is just an illusion...much like it's creator.

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"Are you planning to make more REAL Rides?"

At the moment, yes!  Like anything I CHOOSE to do in life, I'll continue with these little projects as long as it's still fun...and I have the time.

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"Can I link your objects and rides to my website?"

ANY links must point ONLY to  Traffic on this site is monitored VERY closely.  If unusual activity occurs, pages will be automatically changed and your links will be immediately broken.  (Don't you just HATE broken links?  So will your site's visitors...)

"Hotlinking" to ride or image files hosted on this site is considered to be bandwidth theft and is NOT acceptable.  Continued breach of this common internet courtesy may result in the files being removed completely and this website closed.  This is a SERIOUS MATTER...and one of the reasons I retired last time!

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"Can I host your objects on my website for other people to download, then?"

No.  It's not to be mean...but I do have my reasons.  See the "LEGAL STUFF" page for details.

(...and I WILL be watching.  So will my Lawyer, "Vinny."  He specializes in "Personal Injury" cases...if you know what I mean.)  <wink>

Joking aside, if I find that this becomes a repeated problem, this site will simply be closed and my future creations kept for my own enjoyment...which is why I make them in the first place.  Please respect my wishes.

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